• Mikko Niilo-Rämä University of Jyväskylä
  • Salme Kärkkäinen
  • Dario Gasbarra
  • Timo Lappalainen



Boolean model, exponential length distribution, line segments, mean length, minus-sampling, nanocellulose crystalline, plus-sampling, ratio of estimates, variance


A novel estimator for estimating the mean length of fibres is proposed for censored data observed in square shaped windows. Instead of observing the fibre lengths, we observe the ratio between the intensity estimates of minus-sampling and plus-sampling. It is well-known that both intensity estimators are biased. In the current work, we derive the ratio of these biases as a function of the mean length assuming a Boolean line segment model with exponentially distributed lengths and uniformly distributed directions. Having the observed ratio of the intensity estimators, the inverse of the derived function is suggested as a new estimator for the mean length. For this estimator, an approximation of its variance is derived. The accuracies of the approximations are evaluated by means of simulation experiments. The novel method is compared to other methods and applied to real-world industrial data from nanocellulose crystalline.


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Niilo-Rämä, M., Kärkkäinen, S., Gasbarra, D., & Lappalainen, T. (2014). INCLUSION RATIO BASED ESTIMATOR FOR THE MEAN LENGTH OF THE BOOLEAN LINE SEGMENT MODEL WITH AN APPLICATION TO NANOCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE. Image Analysis and Stereology, 33(2), 147–155.



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