• Gintarė Vaidelienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Jonas Valantinas Kaunas University of Technology



automatic visual inspection, defect detection, discrete wavelets transforms, statistical data analysis, texture images


In this paper, a new Haar wavelet-based approach to the detection and localization of defects in grey-level texture images is presented. This new approach explores space localization properties of the discrete Haar wavelet transform (HT) and generates statistically-based parameterized texture defect detection criteria. The criteria provide the user with a possibility to control the percentage of both the actually defect-free images detected as defective and/or the actually defective images detected as defect-free, in the class of texture images under investigation. The experiment analyses samples of ceramic tiles, glass samples, as well as fabric scraps, taken from real factory environment.


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Vaidelienė, G., & Valantinas, J. (2016). THE USE OF HAAR WAVELETS IN DETECTING AND LOCALIZING TEXTURE DEFECTS. Image Analysis and Stereology, 35(3), 195–201.



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