• Tomaž Vrtovec University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Laboratory of Imaging Technologies



computer vision, image analysis, materials science, medical imaging, research highlights, stereology, stohastic geometry


A detailed overview of the 22 contributions, published in volume 36 (2017) of Image Analysis & Stereology (IAS), is presented. Most of the contributions are relatively interdisciplinary, however, they can be assigned to the following fields of study: computer vision (2), image analysis (2), materials science (3), medical imaging (3), stereology (8) and stohastic geometry (2). In addition, two editorials were published, while four of the contributions in the field of stereology are review papers for the special topic "The History of Stereology". It can be concluded that the readership was offered with a large variety of topics within the broader multidisciplinary field of stereology and image analysis, therefore reflecting the scope of IAS.


Baran M, Tabor Z (2017). Principal geodesic analysis boundary delineation with superpixel-based constraints. Image Anal Stereol 36:223–232.

Bawa VS, Kumar K, Kumar V (2017). A generalized non-linear method for distortion correction and

top-down view conversion of fish eye images. Image Anal Stereol 36:141–150.

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Gądek-Moszczak A, Matusiewicz P (2017). Polish stereology – a historical review. Image Anal Stereol 36:207–221.

González-Villa J, Cruz M, Cruz-Orive LM (2017). On the precision of the nucleator. Image Anal Stereol 36:121–132.

Gual-Arnau X, Ibáñez MV, Monterde J (2017). Curvature approximation from parabolic sectors. Image Anal Stereol 36:233–241.

Jouannot-Chesney P, Jernot J-P, Lantuéjoul C (2017). Percolation transition and topology. Image Anal Stereol 36:95–103.

Kartbaev T, Akhmetov B, Doszhanova A, Mukapil K, Kalizhanova A, Nabiyeva G, Balgabayeva L, Malikova F (2017). Development of a computer system for identity authentication using artificial neural networks. Image Anal Stereol 36:51–64.

Aghabalaei Khordehchi E, Ayatollahi A, Daliri MR (2017). Automatic lung nodule detection based on statistical region merging and support vector machines. Image Anal Stereol 36:65–78.

Kiderlen M, Dorph-Petersen K-A (2017). The Cavalieri estimator with unequal section spacing revisited. Image Anal Stereol 36:133–139.

Koçak C. CLSM: couple layered security model a high-capacity data hiding scheme using with steganography. Image Anal Stereol 36:15–23.

Kreft M (2017). Research highlights in IAS. Image Anal Stereol 36:1–3.

Kubínová L, Radochová B, Lhotáková Z, Kubínová Z, Albrechtová J (2017). Stereology, an unbiased methodological approach to study plant anatomy and cytology: past, present and future. Image Anal Stereol 36:187–205.

Li C, Zhang L, Ma Q, Tang Y, He Y (2017). Stereological evidence for de/re-generation of myelin sheaths in aged brain white matter of female rats. Image Anal Stereol 36:111–120.

Niedźwiecki M, Tomaszuk M, Kabat D, Latałla Z, Rzecki K, Tabor Z (2017). Application of image analysis methods for isocenter quality assurance in radiotherapy. Image Anal Stereol 36:35–41.

Nieniewski M, Zajaçzkowski P (2017). Comparison of ultrasound image filtering methods by means of multivariable kurtosis. Image Anal Stereol 36:79–94.

Rønn-Nielsen A, Sporring J, Vedel Jensen EB (2017). Estimation of sample spacing in stochastic processes. Image Anal Stereol 36:43–49.

Šedivý O, Dake JM, Krill CE III, Schmidt V, Jäger A (2017). Description of 3D morphology of grain boundaries in aluminum alloys using tessellation models generated by ellipsoids. Image Anal Stereol 36:5–13.

Vedel Jensen EB, Gundersen HJG (2017). The workshops on stochastic geometry, stereology and image analysis. Image Anal Stereol 36:179–185.

Wejrzanowski T, Ibrahim SH, Skibinski J, Cwieka K, Kurzydlowski KJ (2017). Appropriate models for simulating open-porous materials. Image Anal Stereol 36:105–110.




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