Computer-Aided Phase Identification and Frame-To-Frame Analysis of Endodontic Asymmetric Reciprocation Rotation: A Preliminary Study

Aleš Fidler, Ekim Onur Orhan, Özgür Irmak


To perform a detailed evaluation of reciprocating motion using a computer-aided phase identification and frame-to-frame analysis, a continuous rotation at 300 rpm, RECIPROC ALL mode and WAVEONE ALL-mode were recorded with a high-speed camera. Movie files were automatically analyzed with digital video analysis and modeling tool. RECIPROC ALL mode parameters were 186.34°±1.02 at 428.32 rpm ± 7.61 and 65.07°±0.93 at 261.06 rpm ± 7.72; WAVEONE ALL-mode parameters were 191.39°±1.32 at 523.83 rpm ± 14.36 and 70.13°±1.26 at 316.06 rpm ± 8.75. The variability of rotational speed during the cycle and distinct acceleration –deceleration patterns, was similar for both reciprocating modes. The computer-aided frame-to-frame analysis revealed that asymmetrical reciprocating motion has more complex kinematics demonstrating high peak rotational speed values and different patterns of acceleration and deceleration. While there was a difference in reciprocating cycle duration and rotational speed, both cycles demonstrated a similar dynamic of rotational speed during the cycle.

frame-to-frame analysis; high speed video analysis; image analysis; kinematics; phase identification

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DOI: 10.5566/ias.2335

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