Increase in Subcellular GSK-3 Clusters in Insulin- and Adrenaline-treated Differentiated Rat Skeletal Muscle Fibres

Katja Fink, Mateja Lobe Prebil, Nina Vardjan, Jorgen Jensen, Robert Zorec, Marko Kreft


Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) plays an important role in metabolic regulation in skeletal muscles, and both insulin and adrenaline stimulate GSK-3 phosphorylation. The aim of the present study was to study the effect of insulin and adrenaline on GSK-3 localisation in skeletal muscles. We characterized subcellular localization of (GSK-3) signal protein in fully differentiated muscle fibre by immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy. We stimulated muscle fibres with insulin and/or adrenaline. Images were analysed by segmentation of single central optical section of the muscle. We found GSK-3 to be localised in clusters. The number of GSK-3 clusters and their average size were increased after stimulation with insulin and/or adrenaline. Average GSK-3 particle size is linearly related to their quantity. We conclude that subcellular GSK-3 in isolated skeletal muscle fibres is localized in clusters and clustering increased after stimulation with insulin and/or adrenaline.

adrenaline; GSK-3 (glycogen synthase kinase 3); insulin; skeletal muscle fibre

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DOI: 10.5566/ias.2356

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