Personal Reflections on the Life of Hans Jørgen Gottlieb Gundersen

John F. Bertram, Luis M. Cruz-Orive, Stephen M. Evans, Dallas M. Hyde, Terry Mayhew, Matthias Ochs, Yong Tang, Jens Randel Nyengaard


Professor Hans Jørgen G. Gundersen MD, DMSc (1943–2021) was a pioneering stereologist whose work has inspired and influenced researchers across the world for almost half a century. He was a charismatic character and one of the founding fathers of modern stereology, whose achievements and contributions are fondly remembered below by colleagues and co-workers. It was an enormous pleasure to be in his company and although future generation will miss this opportunity, his work will live on, to inspire and influence future generations of researchers.

Hans Jørgen Gottlieb Gundersen

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DOI: 10.5566/ias.2596

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