Two-Step Method for Assessing Similarity of Random Sets

Vesna Gotovac Đogaš, Kateřina Helisová, Bogdan Radović, Jakub Staněk, Markéta Zikmundová, Kateřina Brejchová


The paper concerns a new statistical method for assessing dissimilarity of two random sets based on one realisation of each of them. The method focuses on shapes of the components of the random sets, namely on the curvature of their boundaries together with the ratios of their perimeters and areas. Theoretical background is introduced and then, the method is described, justified by a simulation study and applied to real data of two different types of tissue - mammary cancer and mastopathy.

connected component; curvature; similarity; $N$-distance; random set

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DOI: 10.5566/ias.2600

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