Morphology of Graphite Agglomerates Obtained by Spherical Agglomeration via Propagation-Based X-Ray Microtomography


  • Julia Schreier University of Applied Sciences Trier
  • Ulrich Bröckel University of Applied Sciences Trier



Morphology, Phase-contrast, Spherical agglomeration , Two-dimensional characterisation , X-ray microtomography


The aim of this work was to develop a novel method for studying the 3D morphology of agglomerates obtained by spherical agglomeration. It has been found, that the combination of shock-freezing the samples in a mixture of ethanol and dry ice followed by an X-ray microtomography measurement leads to useful results. Hereby, the image quality for low absorbing material like the used graphite was enhanced by propagation-based X-ray microtomography, which results in phase contrast images. We also discuss our 3D image post-processing routine, which is used to determine the morphology parameters sphericity, fractal dimension and packing density. Furthermore, a two-dimensional kernel density estimation is used to calculate the joint probability density of agglomerate size and the morphology parameter. In future, this method will be used to determine the morphological behaviour of agglomerates during the different phases of spherical agglomeration.


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