• Kristjana Ýr Jónsdóttir Aarhus University
  • Eva B. Vedel Jensen Aarhus University




Fourier series, Lévy basis, planar particles, stationary stochastic processes, stereology, systematic sampling


In the present paper, Lévy-based error prediction in circular systematic sampling is developed. A model-based statistical setting as in Hobolth and Jensen (2002) is used, but the assumption that the measurement function is Gaussian is relaxed. The measurement function is represented as a periodic stationary stochastic process X obtained by a kernel smoothing of a Lévy basis. The process X may have an arbitrary covariance function. The distribution of the error predictor, based on measurements in n systematic directions is derived. Statistical inference is developed for the model parameters in the case where the covariance function follows the celebrated p-order covariance model.


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Jónsdóttir, K. Ýr, & Jensen, E. B. V. (2013). LÉVY-BASED ERROR PREDICTION IN CIRCULAR SYSTEMATIC SAMPLING. Image Analysis and Stereology, 32(2), 117–125. https://doi.org/10.5566/ias.v32.p117-125



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